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**Dreams and Aspirations**

A clean residential hub along with exponential economic, financial and technological growth is what Atal Nagar aims for. It visualizes being a role model for every upcoming integrated city of the subcontinent.

About Atal Nagar

Atal Nagar, as the name suggests, is the new upcoming state capital of Chhattisgarh. It came into existence as a much required project when the governance sought the requirement of a completely redesigned and planned capital city for this newly formed state.

The metropolitan aims in bringing together a conglomerate of the latest real estate development trends to ensure a fruitful progression of this integrated smart city project of India.

Atal Nagar – As it Evolved

It all began on the dawn of 1st Nov 2000, when India got its 17th most populated state named after its 36 Forts (Chhattisgarh) and Raipur became the honorary capital of this new state. However, within a few years of its progression, Chhattisgarh realized the need for a dedicated and modern administrative block.

So, in an attempt to embrace innovation and gift the state a new capital, the development plan for an integrated smart city came to the surface. Situated 17 km to the South-East of the old urbanite, Atal Nagar started gaining shape through the hands of ANVP (Atal Nagar Vikas Pradhikaran).

Atal Nagar and its planning approach

ANVP or Atal Nagar Viaks Pradhikaran embraced plan 2031 comprising of a wholesome metropolitan development. It comprises of 41 villages under its jurisdiction which consists of 3 layers of smart city development.

  • 95 sq. km comprising of a dedicated green belt.
  • A peripheral region covering 130 sq. km.
  • Another 12 sq. km comprising Raipur and Atal Nagar’s international airport.

This city justifies its green field tag by adopting a green, cross connected walking belt that runs across the length and breadth of the city. Moreover, a linear design facilitates the construction of an urban transport project including Atal Nagar’s BRTS as well.

In this respect, this green field smart city brings together the following development approaches which justify its name as the first integrated smart city of India.

Futuristic Development Concepts

In an attempt to make Atal Nagar one of the finest smart cities in India, NRDA opts for a CBD concept. This Central Business District approach provides the following amenities:

  • Dedicated commercial hubs in each sector ensuring easy access.
  • Smart LED lighting saving power considerably.
  • Ultra planned and state-of-the-art roads.

The biggest aspect of incorporating a CBD approach is the establishment of a dedicated IT hub. ANVP aims at inviting all major MNC and IT sectors from around the globe.

Why select Atal Nagar as a residential hub ?

ANVP has developed Atal Nagar keeping in mind a number of aspects which make it an apt selection over others when concerning a residential area.

  • Power Availability
    Through advanced techniques ensuring deduction of transmission losses, NRDA strives to provide a 24 x 7 power supply to the city. In this respect, it has also established 13 sub stations of 33 kW each.
  • Drainage System
    The city opts for compete underground drainage system to keep away wastes from surfacing this metropolitan.
  • Water Supply
    24 hours water supply is available to this integrated smart city project of India owing to the SCADA distribution system.
  • Communications
    The standard communication facilities include a proposed train line connecting Atal Nagar to Mumbai and associated regions, BRTS system joining the old city to its new counterpart.
  • Health facilities
    State-of-the-art medical amenities assuring complete protection and health services to its residents. So, residing in one of the planned and ultra-modern blocks of Atal Nagar can be your contribution to the sustainable future. This integrated smart city project of India is sure to fulfil all your expectations.